Cannes Latitude Film Festival & Screen Contest

Film Festival Pictou Lodge Beach Resort Nov 11-12 2016

TinselTown Productions is committed to creating real commercial opportunities for those in the creative industries. Since 2002 we have supported the growth of film and TV companies around the world, and the development of the careers of countless individual artists and writers.

We've run contests before, but this year we decided to share the stage with the Sunrise Film Festival and screen some great films from around the world.
After much deliberation and some great insights by our jury panel (the fact that they are scattered around the world hasn't helped communications-wise, but you live and learn!)
Here are the winners for this years film awards:
Best Documentary: "The Bridge Rising" - Robbie Fraser;
Best Short Film: The fantastic "Illegal Move" - Sana Srinivasan;
Best Drama: "Exit Thread" - Paul Kimball;

For the script contest:
Full Length Feature Screenplay: "Falling into stars" by Julian Spurger;
Short screenplay: "Not a Prayer" by Eddie Land AND equal winner with "Meninio do Rio" by Eduardo Rufeisen.

The standard of scripts in both categories was extremely high, and as you can see, the jury was unable to make a decision for the short film category. I am told the feature script decision was by a few points!!

Thank you everyone once again and to everyone who took part, supported the screenings of films and helped behind the scenes, we owe you so much! xx

Attendees at the festival enjoying one of the great meals at The Pictou Lodge Beachfront Resort.

The audience enjoying one of the films screening as part of the event.