All the World's a TinselTown...

TinselTown Productions is a media development company and a network of creative individuals around the world. We work to enhance creative ideas and improve their chances of success. TinselTown Productions works across 4 key areas - Media Development, Production, Artist Management and Agency and Training - and through its growing network of talented people is able to offer a wide range of products, services or assistance. We are able to provide services, facilities and personnel for media productions, from locations to script editing, producers, directors and crew and in some cases we can offer funding for production or development.

We also actively promote the work of talented artists and musicians around the world.

Cannes Latitude Film Festival & Script Contest

As an extension of this, in 2016 we ran an international screenplay contest and mini-film festival, held in November in Pictou, Nova Scotia. The irony was that despite being almost at the same latitude as Cannes in the south of France, we could still put on a film festival... stranger still, we had gorgeous sunshine and visitors were able to walk along the beach!

For a brief run down of the event and the winners, click here!

So we decided to run the contest and festival again in 2017. Click here for more info. Money prizes for winners and finalists and we're planning the film festival with lots of international screenings for early 2018 - watch out to see when we are open for submissions.

Media Development
Apart from writing or developing scripts of our own, we are also able to provide script reading, script editing, script performance tests, storyboard and concept art, production design, promotional trailers, publicity, marketing, finance, budget and pre-production services.
Developing Programme Formats for TV or radio is another major part of our work.

Production Services
TinselTown Productions can help right across the board when it comes to all areas of a production. We can provide writers (or script editing for your own screenplay); creative personnel; acting talent; production staff; equipment hire; budget generation; pre-production services; location research and management; editing and even access to extra funding.

We have qualified and experienced trainers able to develop and deliver effective training programmes in media, IT or community work. We run acting classes and writer retreat and workshops aimed at increasing your chances of building a successful career in the creative industry.

We also provide services to education establishments such as schools and colleges, providing accreditation and moderation to organizations such as the Da Vinci College.

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